Our Therapists

Our English Speaking Therapists (in alphabetical order):

Michelle Brugger-Arens, traditional, natural healer

Practicing in Switzerland

Practice for gentle medicine:
MET therapist and trainer, homeopathy, light channel therapy, acupuncture, kinesiology, energetic Feng Shui
Spielwiese 10, CH 8854 Galgenen/SZ
Tel.: 0041 (0)55 442 09 82, E-mail: [email protected]

  • born in August 1961 in Germany, two adult sons, one dog
  • 1980–1984 vocational training in commerce, translator (engl./germ.)
  • since 1985 education in traditional healing, natural healer, as well as alternative medical science of experience in western and eastern medicine
  • since 1995 own practice for naturopathy
  • instructor at Paracelsus-Schools and “Dr. K. Jung HP-Schule” (naturopathy)
  • currently teaching following classes: meridian therapies, kinesiology, nutrition, and transformatin of energy fields
  • 2002 emigration to my favoured country Switzerland
  • since summer 2004 I have been practicing MET on myself and my patients. The experiences herein were touching, exciting and effective. Accordingly my focus was rather quickly adjusted to preferably practice MET. From day one it has been a pleasure being able to directly communicate this technique for – who doesn´t in his deepest inner being wish to be able to help themselves get rid of unwanted habits and patterns and to reach a higher level of contentment?

All greatness is simple, but it doesn´t lack depth. Much pleasure with MET to all of you !!!

Iris Austere,  MET-Therapist, MET – Counselor

Practicing in Mallorca
for appointments contact me at:

MET-Zentrum Franke                     or home office:

C/de La Marina 104                                      Josep Rover Motta 4, 5 B

07620  Llucmajor                                          07006  Palma de Mallorca

Phone: 971 66 28 23                                    Phone:  971 770 706 (after 6 p.m.)

e-mail: [email protected]                             Mobile:  697 574 965

My life-long experience with natural healing methods got a strong foundation in yoga as a means of reconnecting body, mind and soul.  This ultimately paved my way to meeting the Franke couple, who passed on their profound knowledge of these techniques, which I now am happy to be able to pass on to you.  
I support clients in finding clarity, balance and a lasting sense of well-being, enabling them to reach their goals and objectives.
Everybody can learn this method and apply it themselves, even children.  With genuine concern, sensitivity and this powerful healing tool – especially in emotional emergencies – I can help you become the person you really want to be.  Emotional freedom will  empower you to  initiate the changes you desire and deserve – make the best of your life!

Rainer Franke, certified psychologist and clinical psychologist („BDP“, Germany), Lic. En Psicologia (Spain), MET therapist, Author, practitioner of BSFF™, co-founder of the Franke2 Die Akademie S.L.

Practicing in Germany, Austria and Mallorca

  • born in July 1953 in Leipzig, married since 1996, three children
  • 1975-1980 first state examination (1. Staatsexamen) in educational science in Hamburg (Germany)
  • 1980-1986 studies of psychology in Hamburg, degree as certified psychologist and traditional healer in psychotherapy
  • 1983-1987 studies of Gestalttherapy, Institute Heel, subsequently
  • 1989-1993 education in Gestalttherapy with the Gestalt Training Service (Ischa Bloomberg)
  • since 1986 independent psychotherapist resp. Gestalttherapist with offices in Hamburg
  • 1991-2003 psychological assesor (specialist in traffic related psychology BDP)
  • 1993-1996 trainer for Gestalttherapy Institut Heel
  • 1995 emigration to Mallorca, Spain, since then independant psychotherapist
  • since 2001 MET therapist in Llucmajor, Mallorca
  • co-founder of the Franke2 Die Akademie S.L.

After many years of working as psychotherapist, applying Gestalttherapy, I started getting very dissatisfied with therapy results. Despite many further education seminars (i.e. NLP, hypnosis etc.) and many hours of supervision the results were highly dissatisfying considering the great effort and time (between 50 and 120 hours!) it involved. In other words, the amount of input it took in time and money was in no relation to achieved successes. Especially cases like fear, depression, traumas, and pobias were extremely difficult and time-consuming or often not even curable.

In spring 2001 I learned about Energy-Field-Therapy by Dr. R. Kaufmann and started to implement it in my therapeutic pratice. The results I achieved and still achieve could be called sensational. Patients with fears, depressions and extreme traumas could be helped successfully – within a few sessions. In the course of the past three years as therapist and trainer various energetic practices have influenced and lead to a modified method, eventually called Meridian-Energie-Techniken nach Franke® (Meridian-Energy-Techniques according to Franke) I would now even go as far and claim that the efficiency of these and other energetic methods (TFT, BSFF, ESM, etc.) will supplement, inseminate and revolutionize psychotherapy in general.

Regina Franke, traditional healer, homeopath, author, MET-therapist and MET-trainer, practitioner of BSFF™

Practicing in Germany, Austria and Mallorca

  • born in Febuary 1955, married to Rainer Franke, three children
  • since 1988 traditional healer focused on homeopathy and reiki
  • since 1990 techer of oriental dance and yoga. Many years of experience in marriage and family counseling together with Rainer Franke
  • since 2001 MET-therapist and trainer, co-founder of the Franke2 Die Akademie S.L.