Meridian-Energie-Techniken nach Franke® (Meridian-Energy-Techniques according to Franke) is based on different energy techniques (Thought Field Therapy by Dr. Roger Callahan, John Diamond, Dr. Francis Chapman, Braingym) and Gestalttherapy (Fritz and Laura Perls).

MET nach Franke® is a method in which energetic blockades can be permanently dissolved through slight tapping of specific meridian points. Application areas can be: fears, anger, traumas, frustration, stress, sleeping disorder, guilt and many more. MET is not only the ideal supplement for any therapeutic practice but can also be used in self-treatment by lay-people and children.
Together with our certified MET trainers we offer a high quality training concept, leading to MET-Therapist in over 300 MET seminars each year in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, as well as Spain.
Just about 400 MET-Therapists so far have completed the extensive and practice oriented education system and regularly participate in our supervisor seminars, as well as other advanced training courses.

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Regina Franke and Rainer Franke

Traditional healer, homeopath, MET-therapist, trainer and author. Practicing traditional healing methods for over 15 years, focused on classical homeopathy, as well as MET.

Certified psychologist, traditional healer in psychology, pychotherapist for Gestalt Therapy, MET-Therapist, trainer and best-selling author.

Five TV appearances in the German TV-talkshow “Fliege” concerning MET topics: “Healing Hands”, “Lovesickness”, “Soft Healing Methods, Mr. Fliege, you helped us”, “11 years of Fliege”, and “My Recovery – A Wonder”.

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Meridian-Energie-Techniken nach Franke®

(abbr.: MET) Meridian Energy Techniques according to Franke, means:

release from stress, anger, phobias, and other emotional issues, as well as traumas and their aftereffects. Unintentional emotional suffering from rape, accidents and war can often be relieved within minutes of one session.

Together with our trainers we offer seminars in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy as well as Spain/Mallorca. Those seminars are set up to serve lay people, as well as therapists through an extensive multilevel education, leading to the qualification of licenced MET-Therapist.
This training comprises four seminars: MET-BASICS, MET-ADVANCED, MET-THERAPIST, and MET-SUPERVISION.

MET-BASICS and MET-ADVANCED focus on anybody who wants to learn the technique to dissolve their own barriers (fear, inhibition, inner blockades, belief-sentences, headaches…). Those two courses are mandatory for MET-THERAPIST and MET-SUPERVISION.

There are no preliminary professional qualifications necessary.
The MET-SUPERVISION seminar qualifies you to obtain the level of licenced MET-THERAPIST.

For lay people it is also possible to participate in subject-related seminars such as:

BSFF™ (be set free fast)
MET- Abundance of Money
MET- for women
MET- obesity
MET- quit smoking