About MET


Ever since Rainer Franke relieved a woman of her long lasting fear of heights in the „Fliege“ TV show and demonstrated MET nach Franke® in three follow-up shows, meridian-energy tapping has been the center of attention for a wide public.

Meridian-Energie-Techniken nach Franke® (Meridian Energy Techniques according to Franke) is an effective method of elimination and release of fear, phobia, anger, aggravation, guilt, depression, migraine, stress, jealousy and other emotional issues, as well as traumas and their repercussions.

Meridian-Energie-Techniken nach Franke® (MET) can be regarded as a psychological version of acupuncture without the use of needles. Clients tune in to their emotional topics and during that period certain meridian points are tapped with the tip of a finger. The result is, that a harmonising effect on the meriadians sets in.

Extraordinary about this technique is that everybody can learn it and then treat themselves (i.e. for anger, rage, aggresion, desperation, jealousy, stress, etc.).

  • the results are permanent
  • it works for nearly all emotional afflictions
  • it eliminates addictive cravings (i.e. nicotine, coffee, sweets etc.)

MET nach Franke® cannot replace medical diagnosis and therapy, but it can support and be an expedient complimentary treatment.